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Wharfedale District has taken advantage of G-Suite made available free to non profit organisations by Google. This provides various benefits to volunteers with District Roles:

  • District generic email address; role@wharfedalescouts.org.uk
  • Business grade Gmail (Ad free)
  • Gdrive cloud storage for storing Scouting data and documents
  • Google Apps to enable collaborative working on documents including
  • Sheets (similar to Excel™)
  • Docs (similar to Word™)
  • Slides (similar to Power Point™)
  • Forms
  • Google Groups for Business
  • Google Sites for quick creation of internet or intranet sites

Most volunteers with District Roles have been given their login credentials to access these benefits. If you have such a role but have not received them or if you have questions about this please contact me (G-Suite Admin).

A guide to the District G-Suite setup is available to view but as the full version includes a directory of the volunteers it can only be viewed by members who are logged in to their G-Suite account.

version with the (generic) email addresses but without the names is also available and does not require a login.

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